The Global Wellness Foundation facilitated an official partnership between The University Hospital of Liège, Belgium (Ulg) and the University of Pham Ngoc Thach of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) in 2006.

The partnership allows for the official cooperation between the two institutions on the cardiovascular and renal missions and trainings in Vietnam.  Belgian doctors, when on a mission for the Cardiovascular and Renal Programs, not only perform surgeries, but train the doctors, anesthesiologists, and nurses of Vietnam in their specialties.  Thus, allowing local medical staff to perform the procedures on a daily basis.

What the University Connect Program is

What the University Connect Program has achieved

The Cardiovascular and Renal programs have received full European ECTS credits for participating staff members. Dr. Dung’s staff of Public Hospital 115 in Ho Chi Minh City has benefited greatly from the 7 cardiac mission of Global Wellness foundation.  Hospital 115 staff now performs 2 cardiac intervention surgeries a day, with the goal to soon reach 4 per day. The University Connect Program also allowed for Vietnamese doctors and nurses to travel to Belgium to study at ULG for 3 months, further improving their skills in the specific surgery and knowledge of general surgical practices.

The University Connect Program seeks to provide more opportunities for the exchange of knowledge between Vietnamese and European doctors and medical staff.  In the future, the University Connect Program hopes to expand to include the scholarships for deserving Vietnamese youth, allowing these students to attend University in Liège and bring their education back to Vietnam.