Kim graduated with a Masters degree in Telecommunications from the University of Colorado in Boulder and worked as a software engineer with Bell Laboratories and its affiliates for more than 28 years. During her career, she was involved in the design and implementation of voice telephony and data applications. She recently retired from her work to devote her full-time effort towards helping the poor and underprivileged people of the world.

Since 2005, she has been involved with fundraising effort to provide rice support to the “poorest of the poor” in the remote villages of Vietnam. She has also implemented programs to provide financial assistance to poor and handicapped children in various rural school districts. To broaden the scope and mission of her work, in May 2007, she and her sister, Dr. Bui Kim Hai, co-founded Wellness Global Foundation (WGF), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides medical and educational assistance to the impoverished people of Vietnam.

She is a founding member of Buddhist Global Relief and during its first year served as Chair of the Hunger Relief Committee, before retiring from her job to take the position of BGR Executive Director. In this capacity, Kim manages operations, hunger projects, donor relations, and fundraising efforts for Buddhist Global Relief.


  Executive Director: America