Wellness Global Foundation is concerned raising the standard of living for the people of Vietnamese. In order for people to be in good health they must have good nutrition. Proper nutrition is still an everyday hurdle for many of Vietnam’s poor. Vietnam has limited arable land, at only 23% arable, to feed the worlds 13th biggest population. This can put a strain on the poor who are often unable to feed their families. To address this issue Wellness Global Foundation began our Rural Anti-Poverty Initiative to distribute rice to those families whose farms could not provide both subsistence and livelihood.

What the Rural Anti-Poverty Initiative is

What the Rural Anti-Poverty Initiative has achieved

WGF, with the aid of donations, has the ability to distribute rice to many families in need. WGF partners with the Red Cross in order to recognize those families which are most in need. The Red Cross then distributes tickets to rice distribution events in the chosen village. With rice distribution event WGF had the opportunity to aid the most needy in the Villages of Cam Duong, Hoa Hong, Buu Quang and Tam Bihn.

The organization was able to have the pleasure to visit Buddhist Temples, pagodas, middle and elementary schools and even take part in the lunar New Year festival in Tam Bihn for 2011. Seeing the faces of those very deserving recipients was a very valuable experience for distributors. Wellness Global Foundation continues to expand our rural anti-poverty initiative to give more poverty relief and to also teach new farming techniques to alleviate hunger in the future.